5300 South Folsom - Lincoln, Nebraska 68523

Cold! Wet! Windy!

No play this weekend!

Weather has got to improve!

Keep checking back!  

Important announcements

Check here First!

OYSC Closed for March 24 and 25!

Cold, wet, windy weekend!

Just not weather for kids to enjoy baseball!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

We had an AMAZING Day Saturday, March 17!

Huge thanks to all those who turned out to help!

We had Optimist Members, Coaches, Parents, Players,

Friends and Family!

Everything on the list was done about NOON!

OYSC looks SO much better!

Now if we can just get some nice weather and 

Play Baseball!!

See you there soon!

The Game Plan


No games or practices on Saturday or Sunday, Mary 24 and 25.

Check here before you head out to OYSC!

Announcement will be posted by NOON 

every day and by 7:00 pm the night before weekend games.

2018 Schedule 

(go to the top of this page and click to see it!)

Keep checking back for changes!

Who We Are - What We Do

Optimist Youth Sports Complex

OYSC is owned by the Star City Optimist Youth Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization made up of the members of the six Optimist Clubs in Lincoln NE.  

Optimist Clubs around the world are created for the purpose of "Bringing Out the Best in Our Youth, our Communities and Ourselves."  

The Complex opened for its first games in 2003, and will be celebrating 15 years of service to youth this year!

The complex is currently leased and operated by the Lincoln Sports Complex Optimist Club and its Board of Directors.  

A team of Optimist members who are dedicated to the goals of the organization are working hard to insure that our young sports enthusiasts have a safe and inviting place to play.  We are excited about improving OYSC and working with coaches, team representatives and parents to make it the best that it can be!

Ideas, Suggestions, Encouragement and Support are Welcome!

Please Contact us at any time. There is a contact link below.

Our LSCOC Team

Ardis Moody, Club President: amoody1@neb.rr.com

Matt Christensen, Secretary:  mchristensen@bsnsports.com

Kyle Sitzman, Treasurer: ksitzman@bsncpa.com

Brian Gable: gable17@yahoo.com

Josh Munford:  jmunford55@yahoo.com

Ben Hilton:  22bhilton@gmail.com

Jason Nicoll:  jsonsmowing@gmail.com

Fields Available For Rent

Contact us about fields not reserved on the 2018 Schedule 

or to request dates for 2019.

Fields are available an hour before play is scheduled.

Practice Field - up to 2 hours - $30

Game Field - 2 hours - $45 - includes prep and marking

Tournament Schedules:

Fields are prepped and marked before first game each day.

Friday - beginning at noon - $425

Friday - Double Header - $300

Friday - 4 games - 5:00 start - $150

Saturday - all day - $450

Sunday - all day - $450

Contact Us

Get in Touch

Optimist Youth Sports Complex

(402) 540-6409